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Subject:old cunt - just for kicks
Time:02:27 pm
Current Mood:boredbored



i see death coming, mowing downCollapse )

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Subject:Sample application
Time:10:55 am
NOTE!! THIS IS A SAMPLE APPLICATION! PLEASE FOLLOW THIS AS TO HOW YOU WOULD POST TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! Also, Please check out the user info to view the rules for joining our community

IF YOU DO NOT Post correctly, we DO have the right to ridicule you/stomp you/oppress you or whatever we see fit to see that we own~

Name: DSH~
Age: 17, duh
Location: Maryland cause god hates me
Birthplace/date: Baltimore, Jan 27 1987
Level of edukashun/jub: no jub, only in high school, so shmart

music: METAL! OMG!
movies: war movies
books: dragonlance! go buy it! Before I buy it for you :P
TV show: trigger happy tv always makes me laugh

What do you think of...
George W. Bush: Don't mind him, I don't think he's as bad as people make him out to be. The only thing I strongly disagree on his part is keeping troops in Iraq.

Jesus: Can a vaccuum cleaner have sex? Didn't think so. If you wanna believe, go right ahead, nobody's stopping you~

Abortion: Hate it. Everyone deserves the chance to live. If you don't want kids, stop having sex, dolt. At least give it to someone who can care for it.

Drugs: Drugs are bad mkay, nuff said.

Immigration: While America tries to encourage the role of diversity and a place where everyone can live happily, I think it's getting out of control~

Gay rights: If you've ever been around a lot of gay people, and gay old men(no joke) and you saw what they did, you'd hate them as much as I do

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?: People I care about dying. The childhood where I was tortured. That's two, I know, sorry.

Make us laugh: Kevin Johnson has an infected toe~ omg

Something that makes you unique: I don't know...I'm crazy? I get that too much. Something good? Dunno

What would you do if you had 24 hours to live? I would walk/drive to manassas and spend the rest of my time with people that care about me. No joke ! I would also like to get on first base before I die...and maybe more than 5 lifetime hugs :-P
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Time:02:37 pm
crack whore.
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